I hope you are well. Myself and the group are all pretty broken but had a great time. Thank you for all the organisation you put in and an extra special thank you to Krista our guide. She did an excellent job, was very friendly and looked after us very well.

I would be happy and will be recommending your company and her as a guide. I do feel a little bad. I didn't know she was going to meet us at the airport and I pretty much walked straight through to departures, as I had already checked in on-line. Unfortunately most of the group followed me straight through, so missed saying good bye.

But all in all, excellent weekend. I knocked myself out, one of the guys got himself thrown in the drunk tank for the night at the local cop-shop. Far to much food and alcohol was consumed and much merriment was had all around with lots of memory's to keep and use in the wedding speech. Many thanks.

Trust Pilot

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