3-4 hours
Safety equipment
Special clothing
Guide in each raft
Transfer to and from the venue
Maximum, minimum or recommended number of persons
Group size

From 8 persons

Duration of the event

2-3 hours

In which season is event available

01.03 – 01.11

Place where event takes place

10min. from city centre

We arrange canoeing trips on the Pirita River early in the spring, as soon as the water level rises.
It is not so enjoyable, when the water level is low and rocks peek out of the water.

We recommend canoeing on the Pirita to the people, who do not have the whole day to spend out, but wish to get the thrill in 3-4 hours and then return to the city-life.

The river has both rapid and placid sections offering great variety.

You do not need to have any experience in canoeing in order to take the trip. You will learn the basics during the first minutes on the water.

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