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Free wifi

Which room types are available
Room types

Single rooms, twin rooms, double rooms, three-bedrooms, four-bed rooms, five-bed rooms

Food and drink options
Food & Drink


Leisure facilities options
Leisure Facilities

Games room, TV area

More available services

Luggage room, Kitchen

List of room equipment
Room equipment

Shared bathrooms

Smoking policy
Smoking policy

No smoking hostel

Information regarding check-in time
Check-in time

3.00 PM

Information regarding check-out time
Check-out time

11.00 AM

Located in the old town of Tallinn, this hostel makes an excellent base from which you can explore the city centre.

Enjoy a breakfast of pancakes after a night of sleep in either a single room, twin room, double room, three-, four-, or five-bedroom.

The hostel offers free WiFi and has a bar, games room, and TV area for its guests to hang out and relax in.

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