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Tallinn is enjoying a reputation of the most welcoming city for all partygoers. The combined charm of Medieval Old Town & Estonia's stunning women make each Tallinn Stag a legendary party.

  • Tallinn is full of the most gorgeous women in Europe
  • Best of Tallinn nightlife happens within compact Old-town
  • Our prices are without middleman surcharge
  • We run our own shooting club & yacht company
  • No compromise in quality and attentive service


Tallinn City Guide

Tallinn City Guide

The stag groups love the compact centre of Tallinn, with most clubs and trendy bars in walking distance.

The historical Old Town is where it all started centuries ago and where all our nightlife programs culminate.

We preferably arrange accommodation in the central area and you will only need the transfers for the day activities.

The city has a humid continental climate that brings with is warm, mild summers and cold, snowy winters.
Except few hottest summer days the Baltic is not a typical bathing sea, but our groups on yachts & other water activities tend to ignore this fact between June and September.

With a population of just above 400,000 Tallinn belongs to the category of smaller capitals but that definitely does not mean you will be bored here.

Tallinn Nightlife

Tallinn Nightlife

Although the city looks quite calm during the day it shows off its wild side once the sun has set.
The historical Old Town hides a variety of bars, pubs and restaurants in its medieval streets.

The clubs & discos are on the boulevard surrounding the Old Town. Partying in this unique atmosphere will definitely be an experience you won't forget.

With all the best venues within walking distance you can party in multiple places in one night.
Let our professional staff with local experience take care of you and guide you to the top spots during one of our all-nighter tours.

In Tallinn the prime party time is during the weekend when all the locals come out to celebrate after another long week.

Since alcohol cannot be sold in the local stores between 10 PM and 10 AM it's definitely worth heading to one of the pubs or clubs.

Tallinn Practical Tips

Tallinn Practical Tips

Tallinn has its own international airport which is the biggest in Estonia.
With over 10 non-stop flights from London every day and several more from other major cities across the UK getting to Estonia's capital shouldn't be a problem.

While in Tallinn it is worth checking out some local Estonian craft beers, such as Pohjala, Ollenaut or Sori. Another locally-made drink is Vana Tallinn, a dark brown rum-based liqueur with an alcohol content of about 40-50%. A very unique drink is the Jellyfish or Millimallika which can only be gotten in Valli bar (with it's interior being a listed landmark).

Despite not yet having become your typical tourist destination the capital of Estonia has a lot to offer.
Its Old Town which is a UNESCO World Heritage is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe.

But the city itself is definitely not stuck in the past. Home to the European Union's IT agency and the birthplace of many high-tech companies there are a lot of exciting things going on.

The official language of the country is Estonian and the local currency is Euro.

Some useful words you might need include:
- "Tere" = hello
- "Head aega" = goodbye
- "Palun" = please
- "Aitäh" = thank you
- "Üks õlu palun" = One beer please
- "Ma ei räägi eesti keelt" = I don't speak Estonian


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